Great Lakes Sport Dog Assn.

Formed by Canine Enthusiasts

Great Lakes Sport Dog Assn. (GLSDA) welcomes, and is open to all breeds of canines regardless of pedigree. We emphasize on the relationship of canine to owner that is based on obedience, workability and health. A club formed by owner/trainers, we aim to enhance our Training and relationship with our canines, educate ourselves, create a positive community awareness and pass the love of our sport to future owners.

Competition is Voluntary

All activities held by GLSDA are held as fun events for enjoyment and experience with your canine. Our Events are open to everyone, and membership is not required to participate. Owners and clubs are welcome to use our set-ups as a training tool or to prepare for your next competition. Members however, compete for Ribbons and Titles issued by GLSDA and of course our annual ‘Top Dog Award’.

Build a Relationship

We take great pride in our canines and believe in healthy relationships between owner and canine. Great Lakes Sport Dog strives to offer you and your canine the opportunity and the resources to build a strong, respectful relationship in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

Hunt Tests for Hunting Dogs

Our Events are formatted with the gundog in mind and are an excellent way to recognize issues in the field and adjust your training to overcome those issues. It is our hope at GLSDA to be a foundation or learning avenue for those that wish to enter a more ‘professional’ competition arena, or to develop a hunting companion to be proud of.

Great Lakes Sport Dog Assn would like to recognize all of the Board Members and Judges.

As a group of friends helping each other succeed, our events are helped out by all and everyone jumps in to help make our events fun and enjoyable.

Board Members


Special Announcements and recognitions